Save time sourcing only qualified candidates

Reduce candidate fallout

Improve your talent pipeline drastically

Improve your own experience as a recruiter!

We help you to efficiently find qualified candidates. As a recruiter, you will no longer have to sift through thousands of applications and sit through a hundred interviews to find that one gem. Rewired Solutions works to filter through the masses and will only show you the candidates worth hiring. This is particularly helpful if your company is looking to fill many open positions, and quickly.

Save time and energy for other projects and important issues, and let us take care of the search for qualified candidates.

We believe in both quantity AND quality. If your business is looking for a volume-hiring solution, then we’re your tech. Rewired Solutions will not only help you mass hire in a quick time span, but we will also find you only qualified candidates. People that you will actually enjoy working with – all you have to do is tell us what type of person that is. We’ll do the rest.

As we exist in a candidate-driven market, the times continue to change. Job vacancies are rising with not enough candidates to fill the positions. Companies are faced with an evolving list of regulations and conditions with the sole effort of remaining compliant and fair while sourcing candidates. Our technology is designed with the purpose of avoiding these issues. This is why at Rewired Solutions we are committed to remaining informed and in-tune with legal protocol, policies, and guidelines.

Data Privacy

Living in a digital world can certainly change the way business is conducted. Your data privacy and security is of the highest importance and our fail-safe technology controls that process with the utmost care.

One of the biggest issues in the world of recruiting is the cost to source. The amount of time, money, and research that goes into finding a qualified candidate can be strenuous, especially if the outcome proves ineffective.

By utilizing “The Hero Persona™” these issues will become problems you can soon forget.

  • With a strong digital media presence in our campaigns, you will see 3x the increased candidate flow
  • Up to 60% the reduced cost to source
  • And most importantly, the personal benefit of getting half your day back because we have taken care of the sourcing for you!
  • We let you take the credit!

Have you ever wondered the cost of a bad hire? The price is astronomical, almost 2-3 times the employee’s salary! Not to mention recruiters have to start the hiring process back at square one. Could there be a solution to these horrible figures? You bet there is!

By modeling the heroes of your organization you can expect:

  • A list of qualified candidates who align with your organizations required skills and values
  • Longevity amongst candidates
  • Higher Retention rate = Lower Cost of Turnover
  • A very happy recruiter!

Unlike other A.I. recruiting companies, Rewired Solutions prides itself in shying away from the proverbial scraping tools and data harvesting techniques. We instead focus on data privacy, truly qualified candidates in real-time and a sourcing platform your team can rely on.

But what is the benefit?

  • Data scraping tools easily become outdated, indicating a higher cost for maintenance.
  • They become unreliable, and often return no data which equals more time and cost.
  • Don’t use Scraping-as-a-service, use Sourcing-as-a-service!

Job Opportunities suited for you

Expect a follow up

Find organizations that share the same values as you

Connect directly with Recruiters

Job searching can be a tedious and tiresome chore. Especially when you spend most of your time researching businesses, fixing up your resume and cover letter, only to not hear back from anyone. It’s even worse when you show up to an interview and realize that this job isn’t fit for you after all.

We help to minimize your search efforts by putting the jobs that you aspire to, right in front of you. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job. This ensures that the open positions you see, are from organizations that align with your values, and are positions that are best suited for you.

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