The recruiting industry has a lackluster track record when it comes to candidate engagement. It’s highly impersonal and time consuming, for both recruiters and the candidates. Filtering through active candidate resumes, and chasing the passive ones around on the web just perpetuates the loss of company time and money spent on subpar candidates, who either don’t fit and end up leaving or just don’t perform.

Rewired Solutions is an AI-driven volume hiring solution that enables companies to scale on the basis of modeling their top performers and building look-alike audiences to predict and engage better suited candidates.

No Resume? No problem.

Our platform doesn’t require the submission of resumes. Oftentimes the ideal candidates are passive candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for new opportunities and may not have a resume prepared.

Rather than relying on a time-stamped documentation, recruiters can connect with candidates where they are and prompt them through a real-time, intuitive process of self-qualification on an array of attributes including Knowledge, skills, abilities, and other parameters that will likely make the candidate successful in the role.

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