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Rewired brings AI-driven, top-of-the-funnel automation and streamlined candidate pipeline solutions to your CRM or ATS.  With a front-end suite for sourcing, engagement screening, and selection, and back-office integration for full-cycle ROI reporting, Rewired engages and prioritizes candidates with the right experience, work styles and more to fast-track hiring and optimize revenue outcomes.

With the right data and the right candidates delivered into your CRM, your recruiting team can focus on building relationships, interviewing, and hiring.  Rewired engages and qualifies candidates from databases, contact lists, internal data lists, job boards, and social media platforms, screening and matching only the candidates who are a fit for your requirements.  

Boost sourcing performance with qualified talent pipelines from Rewired to maximize your CRM investment.

Select and deploy the modules to enhance your CRM with the most qualified talent pipeline:


  • Multi-Channel Sourcing 
  • Automated Messaging and Engagement
  • Pre-Screening, Matching and Scoring
  • Configurable Workflows
  • CRM and ATS integrations


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