The Evolution of Sourcing 

1. Post & Pray

A reactive transactional Sourcing model:

  • Job Postings
  • Career site Ad responses
  • Career fairs on Campus
  • Only addresses the active candidate workforce
  • Results in more unqualified candidates to process
Active Candidates [20%]

2. Post & Prey

Proactive recruiting is born and relationship-based Sourcing emerges

  • LinkedIn Resume
  • Association Membership Lists
  • Resume Database Archives
  • People Aggregators
  • Networking Events
Passive Candidates [50-80%]

3. Target & Market

Hero Sourcing is about engaging the candidate where they live online:

  • Social Media Targeting
  • Branding & Data Science
  • Predictive Modeling & AI
  • Sourcing & Digital Pre-Screening
  • One solution with many functions to generate the best qualified candidates
Active + Passive Candidates [100%]

Hero Sourcing

When you’re seeking out new job candidates, look to your current top employees. They are the current heroes that keep your business running smoothly and are the very foundation you should use to base future candidacy. We help you do just that and more, efficiently and effectively with our Hero Sourcing

Hero Sourcing

Volume Sourcing

Volume means different things to different people, especially in the world of recruitment. At Rewired, we define volume as any role where there are multiple openings. This could be a campaign where the goal is to hire 10 software developers in one quarter, at a specific location, or as large as 500 pharmacy technicians across all parts of the country over the course of a year.



In a volume hiring situation, presumably more than one type of person is able to do that job well. Rewired enables its customers to evaluate their top performers not just as employees, but as individuals, by looking at parameters beyond knowledge, skills and abilities to understand what makes a candidate get hired, perform, and stay.

By leveraging that data, we create a personalized user candidate experience and get the right people on your radar, no matter how big or small your definition of volume is.

Hero Sourcing

  • Technology Platform

    Data Science – Predictive Modeling / Artificial Intelligence – Cloud Based

  • Target & Market

    Engaging Candidates personally at scale through targeted social advertising

  • Qualification

    Pre-Screening and Digital Qualification Active + Passive Talent Pool

  • Qualified “Hero”

    Deliver qualified candidates that look like your Top Performers (the Hero Persona™)

By fusing personalized social marketing with mass automation, Rewired is working to change the future of sourcing within the Talent Acquisition Industry in a unique and scalable way.

This service functions as a stable, standalone product and gives businesses the ability to deploy in-house

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