• Multiple Sources. One Candidate Funnel.

    Launch your opportunity across any number of social media ad networks and job boards, and aggregate matched candidates into a unified, actionable pipeline.

  • Same Great Candidate Experience

    Deliver a consistent user experience for qualification across all channels and sites, while building a single, validated, and consistent set of candidate data.

  • Making Informed  Purchase Decisions on Advertising

    Start collecting the right metrics for your Cost Per Hire ROI from the very first click, no matter where the conversation starts. The data tracking starts at the top of the funnel with tracking every dollar spent on ads and job boards and mapping that to Cost per Hire for each candidate.

  • Take Your Opportunities With You

    Let candidates qualify on the spot, whether you meet them at a career event or other networking opportunity. Track the source, and assign a recruiter automatically. Add notes on the candidate's profile and don't miss a beat. Candidates get the same great user experience consistent with all sources in your campaign.

  • Brand, Brand, and More Brand

    Build brand loyalty and highlight your Employer Value Proposition from the first click through the entire candidate journey. Add your brand to landing pages, social ad templates, as well as email and text messages for your campaign-specific workflow.

  • I've Got This. DIY Advertising.

    If you've got the advertising and posting know-how, go for it! Rewired helps you set the table and connect your campaigns directly to your favorite social media sites and job boards. No matter where that first click happens, all candidate engagement leads directly to the Rewired screening and candidate management workflows you've set up in your campaign. Just insert the unique link from your Rewired campaign as you launch your ad, and watch the flow begin. 

  • A Little Help From My Friends. The Turn-Key Route

    We know the advertising game can be a daunting one. With years under our belt of sourcing and advertising for tech start-ups, Fortune 500's across verticals, and Staffing firms of all shapes and sizes, it's not our first rodeo when it comes to creative campaign build and delivery. If you need help with ad creative, channel selection, targeted audiences, media buying and / or ad management, we can help. Plus, we've got the reporting tools built in to help you make sense of it all.

  • The Right Questions for the Right Conversations

    Your opportunity - just like every candidate - is unique. Plug in the requirements and let Rewired guide you to the right candidates. Leverage system-generated screening questions based on industry and role-specific data, then add specific requirements to make sure you're bringing in candidates who are the most likely to be a match.

  • Assess and Take Action

    Now that you've set the bar, easily prioritize actionable candidates that meet the mark. Rewired scores and matches the candidates with the highest probability of success and lets you take action, mapping them into your business process. All the data is at your fingertips.

  • So Much More than a Resume

    Increase the probability of success by measuring all the things that matter. Once the required skills and experience are confirmed, Rewired measures on other key components of candidate "fit" - workstyles, cultural alignment, and top performer attributes that help your team identify the winners who will get hired, perform, and stay.

  • Right Person, Right Role

    Don't miss out on hiring a great person because they don't have the exact skills or experience for one specific job at your company. Use Rewired's sorting and matching to quickly assess a candidate's profile alignment with multiple opportunities across the organization.

  • Automation Meets Personalization

    Win back your day with automated candidate emails, SMS messages, and scheduling. With Rewired's configurable workflows you can add your touch to the candidate experience. Set stages and message triggers for communication to candidates based on where they are in the journey and the actions they do (or don't) take, to guide the right candidates to your door.

  • Make it Real

    Just because you're leveraging incredible technology doesn't mean you should sound like a machine. Rewired lets you customize email and text templates to fit your tone and brand, then personalize them to bring your voice into the conversation for the personal connection candidates respond to.

  • Timing is Everything, So Keep Relationships Current

    Increase response rates and engagement with follow-up messages to candidates at every stage of the pipeline. Pre-configured message flows help you build and maintain relationships with passive candidates so that when the time is right, you and that awesome candidate can pick up right where you left off.

  • Cost per Click to Cost per Hire

    Get clear insights on the ROI behind every dollar spent across social media sites and job boards. Measure the performance of campaigns across multiple social channels and your preferred job boards to know where and when to invest for the best pipeline results.

  • A Clear View on Candidate Flow

    Gauge the volume of candidate flow at each stage of the pipeline and benchmark conversion rates to streamline processes.

  • Time to Fill

    See where something in your process may be causing a lag, and take action. Make informed decisions with an understanding of the whole picture and the ability to dig in to those details to optimize results.

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