Meeting the Demands of an Underserved Industry


HR Tech has missed the mark for the Staffing industry. In an overcrowded landscape littered with unoriginal job boards and “nice to have” software products loaded with functionality overkill, Rewired fills a gap to deliver right-sized, technology solutions to drive top-of-the-funnel results for Staffing companies.

Our mission is straight-forward. Everything we do is centered around providing Staffing Firms with practical, powerful solutions at the top of the Recruiting funnel to:

  • Decrease Recruiting and Advertising Costs
  • Drive the Top of the Funnel with a Qualified Candidate pipeline
  • Increase Company and Brand Recognition
  • Decrease Company Time-to-Hire
  • Optimize the application time and Candidate UX for the right hires

Rewired redefines the way Staffing Firms source, engage and hire the right people in response to market demands. Rewired isn’t a solution that looks good on paper, developed in a Silicon Valley loft office. It’s a real-world solution meeting real business challenges for Staffing Firms,  built by people who have lived and breathed the industry.

Our solutions upend the stagnant approach of yesterday by replacing expensive, resource-intensive software products and the "post and pray" method of the job boards with solutions that meet the needs of Staffing Firms to generate faster, cost effective hiring at higher volumes.



Technology Designed for Staffing


Thousands of Staffing companies are running their business on a hodgepodge of job boards and Excel, with no automation or integrated tools to streamline operations or understand the results of their expense and efforts.

At the other end of the spectrum, mid-sized and larger firms try to navigate through a confusing and expensive array of high-tech bells-and-whistles they don’t really need to accomplish fundamental hiring objectives: higher fill rates with a solid ROI.

Rewired brings AI-driven, top-of-the-funnel automation and streamlined candidate management solutions to Staffing.  With a front-end suite for sourcing, screening, and selection, and back-office integration for full-cycle ROI reporting, Rewired engages and prioritizes candidates with the right experience, work styles, and more to fast-track hiring and optimize revenue outcomes for Staffing.

Simply put, Rewired delivers technology made for Staffing companies to fill their pipelines with the right candidates and fast-track them to hire.

Together, in partnership with our customers, we create meaningful results that matter, every day.

We do it with crazy good solutions brought to you by a team that knows what to do. Because we've done it.


That's Rewired



Automated, Top-of-the-Funnel Solutions

for Sourcing, Screening & Selection  




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Rewired Founders


  • Tim Hearon

    Tim Hearon -

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Tim has a 20-year career building successful software startups. Having built teams from scratch to deliver large-scale software solutions across the world, he saw the opportunity to create a better bridge between technology and the humans behind hiring.

    Tim founded Rewired to build a solution for Staffing and Recruiting teams to leverage the advancements in digital advertising, data science, and automation in a way that was practical to their business, using tech as a tool to meet critical needs, without the fluff.

    Understanding first-hand the criticality of the right hire, every time, Rewired was built entirely on the principal of helping organizations understand the key data behind their success, and using technology as a vehicle to deliver more of the goods.

  • Kevin Bush

    Kevin Bush -

    Co-Founder - President & COO

    Rewired as a concept started in 2006, as an idea and point of frustration for Kevin Bush, then President & Founder of ESS/ Source4Teachers –  the largest Staffing and Recruiting company for educators in the United States. Every year ESS needed to hire 100,000+ employees. Recruiting and advertising costs skyrocketed while the new candidate pipeline dried up. Online recruiting companies made all the money with no accountability for measurable results to their strategic partners.  Not very strategic.

    Kevin wanted to change the game and create an innovative, top-of-the-funnel solution that drives the right talent pipeline, streamlines front-office recruiting operations, and works all the time on behalf of Staffing teams.  24 / 7 / 365.

    Kevin knows the frustrations of small and mid-market Staffing and Human Capital companies left behind by overpriced and unoriginal internet recruiting products. Spending more money isn’t the solution to get to the top of the page  being budgeted and a value-added resource for your partners is that answer. That’s Rewired. The secret is in the sauce – but it’s mom’s recipe.  Come check out the Rewired difference.