Rewired is hiring and we need a few key heroes to help join our growing organization.  Is that you?

Rewired’s data-driven sourcing tools and vertical social platforms automate workforce sourcing and qualification, and enable companies to leverage their investment in human capital (alumni), throughout market fluctuations.

Rewired is working with some of the largest employers in the world in Retail, Finance, Telecom and other industries to help them meet workforce demands flexibly and at scale.

People are your single most important asset. The Heroes. The DNA of your company. Rewired is on a mission to help companies leverage their investment in people by reproducing and redeploying those Heroes in ways that change their business.

Tim Hearon


Start sourcing smarter today.



Modeling the behavior, interests and other attributes of top performers, Rewired Surge employs data science and sophisticated marketing to aggressively source passive candidates through targeted hiring campaigns.


A powerful search engine and administration platform, Rewired Connect digitally constructs candidate profiles, and scores them on their match to highly customizable assignments.


A reproducible and customizable, industry-specific social platform that enables employers to leverage their investment in human capital and keep key relationships with former employees.