+ Artificial Intelligence

+ Data Optimization

+ Targeted Social Advertising

+ Employer Branding

+ Hero-Driven Sourcing

= Qualified Candidates

Take an introspective look at not what, but WHO makes your company successful. This is the basis on which to scale.

Beyond the Buzzwords.

Rewired Solutions (SaaS-based, Data-Driven Sourcing for companies in growth mode) has turned volume-intensive candidate sourcing on its head through a proprietary matrix of insourced-intelligence – the Hero Persona™.

With a revolutionary blend of predictive modeling, social targeting, digital engagement and qualification (whoo…. all that “consultant-speak” makes me dizzy…!), Rewired goes beyond to deliver the most important results: Qualified Candidates At Scale.

  • Top Performer Inventory Aggregation and Management
  • Hero Persona™ Composition
  • Omni-Channel Social Media Targeting and Management
  • Digitalized Engagement and Self-Qualification Process for Candidates
  • Configurable Candidate Qualification based on Campaign requirements
  • Platform Scoring, Ranking and Matching of Candidates
  • Real-Time Analytics for Campaign Management, Reporting and Optimization

As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In the world of volume hiring – “If it works, do it again. 100 times.”