NextGen Sourcing 3.0

Rewired has fused personalized social marketing with mass automation to change the future of Sourcing within the Talent Acquisition industry in a unique and scalable way.

The Evolution of Sourcing

Sourcing 1.0

Post & Pray

A reactive transactional Sourcing model:

  • Job Postings
  • Career site Ad responses
  • Career fairs on Campus
  • Only addresses the active candidate workforce
  • Results in more unqualified candidates to process

Active Candidates [20%]

Sourcing 2.0

Post & Prey

Proactive recruiting is born and relationship-based Sourcing emerges:

  • LinkedIn Resume
  • Association Membership Lists
  • Resume Database Archives
  • People Aggregators
  • Networking Events

Passive Candidates [50-80%]

Sourcing 3.0

Target & Market

NextGen Sourcing 3.0 is about engaging the candidate where they live online:

  • Social Media Targeting
  • Branding & Data Science
  • Predictive Modeling & AI
  • Sourcing & Digital Pre-Screening
  • One solution with many functions to generate the best qualified candidates

Active + Passive Candidates [100%]

NextGen Sourcing 3.0

Technology Platform

Data Science – Predictive Modeling / Artificial Intelligence – Cloud Based

Target & Market

Engaging Candidates personally at scale through targeted social advertising


Pre-Screening and Digital Qualification Active + Passive Talent Pool

Qualified “Hero”

Deliver qualified candidates that look like your Top Performers (the Hero Persona™)

With a solution that combines Targeted Advertising, Data Science, and the Predictive Modeling of an organization’s Top Performers (the Hero Persona™), Rewired engages ideal candidates that have the highest probability of high-potential performance and Hero Characteristics, and delivers them in a pre-qualified, ready-to-hire Candidate pipeline.

You have the Company, the Brand, the Opportunity, and the Heroes. Let Rewired put all that to work for you.

Get started modeling your own Heroes and continue to build on the foundation of your Success.