Rewired has fused personalized social marketing with mass automation to change the future of Sourcing within the Talent Acquisition industry in a unique and scalable way.

The Evolution of Sourcing

Sourcing 1.0

Post & Pray

A reactive transactional Sourcing model:

  • Job Postings
  • Career site Ad responses
  • Career fairs on Campus
  • Only addresses the active candidate workforce
  • Results in more unqualified candidates to process

Active Candidates [20%]

Sourcing 2.0

Post & Prey

Proactive recruiting is born and relationship-based Sourcing emerges:

  • LinkedIn Resume
  • Association Membership Lists
  • Resume Database Archives
  • People Aggregators
  • Networking Events

Passive Candidates [50-80%]

Sourcing 3.0

Target & Market

Hero Sourcing is about engaging the candidate where they live online:

  • Social Media Targeting
  • Branding & Data Science
  • Predictive Modeling & AI
  • Sourcing & Digital Pre-Screening
  • One solution with many functions to generate the best qualified candidates

Active + Passive Candidates [100%]


Technology Platform

Data Science – Predictive Modeling / Artificial Intelligence – Cloud Based

Target & Market

Engaging Candidates personally at scale through targeted social advertising


Pre-Screening and Digital Qualification Active + Passive Talent Pool

Qualified “Hero”

Deliver qualified candidates that look like your Top Performers (the Hero Persona™)

With a solution that combines Targeted Advertising, Data Science, and the Predictive Modeling of an organization’s Top Performers (the Hero Persona™), Rewired engages ideal candidates that have the highest probability of high-potential performance and Hero Characteristics, and delivers them in a pre-qualified, ready-to-hire Candidate pipeline.

You have the Company, the Brand, the Opportunity, and the Heroes. Let Rewired put all that to work for you.