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It’s been a long and tedious week for HR Hero. Rewired Solutions is also as busy as ever with their process of sourcing new and experienced talent for their customers’ upcoming campaigns.

The town of Recruitment Bay has a cold and ominous energy about it today. Could this be a bad sign? As our HR Hero busily responds to FAQ’s, dutifully working to deliver Talent Acquisition professionals from the quandaries of quotidian HR life, a greenish glow emits from the sky and fills their entire home. The HR Signal is displayed brighter than ever, and HR Hero can’t tie his facemask on fast enough!

Away he flies to Recruitment Bay’s tallest skyscraper and meets with yet another one of Rewired Solutions’ trusty sidekicks, Quinn the Qualifier. With despair in his voice, Quinn exclaims, “Will the trouble never end?! Now we’re faced with that Malevolent, Mischievous Miss Align!”, Quinn can’t contain his frustration at the arrival of Miss Align in Recruitment Bay, but HR Hero assures him that this foe won’t succeed without a hard-fought battle. Could it be another action-packed adventure for our beloved HR Hero? You bet it is!

The Malevolent Miss Align is a villain whose name says it all. Much like the expired Time Vampire and the blundering Bernie Burnout, Miss Align also has an unfortunate ability to cause chaos, confusion and despair all over the town of Recruitment Bay. She parades to all different employers as if she were a harmless client wanting to have a word with management. Little do they know; she is anything but harmless…

By using her potent power which she dubs, “The Misaligning Misconception”, she casts a spell on every manager she meets. “Time to watch your pathetic business crumble!” Miss Align exclaims with an evil smirk. In the span of a single afternoon, all of the upper management in Recruitment Bay have completely lost the plot. They have forgotten their company goals, values, and methods for success. Clients, with scheduled meetings, get canceled on almost instantly as they are left with indecipherable voicemails from Recruitment Bay’s businesses, leaving them flustered and confused. “Hey, what about my meeting? I thought we were all in alignment here. Something is clearly wrong,” seems to be the recurring sentiment from all.

The employees sourced by Rewired Solutions know there is an issue. Calm and collective as ever, they patiently wait for our fabled hero to roll up his sleeves and do what has to be done.

Employee alignment is something that can carry a few different meanings. For some, it could mean getting everyone on the same page and aligning them around the goals and priorities of the business. Alignment also brings motivation, which in turn keeps employees focused to execute long-term goals and strategies for their company. So, just how important is it for a candidate, or even a current employee to align with your corporate values? The answer is remarkably important.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, our HR Hero flies in faster than a Boeing 747. In his peripheral, he sees all sorts of businesses with “CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE” signs on their doors. HR Hero shakes his head, “You’ve really done it this time, Miss Align,” he says, arriving as just as she is about to cast her spell on another helpless administrator. “Not so fast, Miss Align!” shouts our hero. “I’ve had enough of these magic spells. That loser Poison Ivy already tried it in that lame Batman & Robin film!” Miss Align takes extreme offense at this statement, just long enough for Rewired Solutions’ and Quinn the Qualifier to swoop down and unleash their “Align and Shine” elixir which fills the air of Recruitment Bay and sends Miss Align into a frenzy. “How are you always winning?!”, Miss Align questions. “And why did you have to compare me to that B-rate film?” Out of ideas and out of spells, Miss Align jets out of Recruitment Bay faster than a bewildered head-spin.

The misaligned management throughout all the businesses of Recruitment Bay suddenly remembers that they have processes to follow, and values to honor. The employees who were effectively sourced through Rewired Solutions didn’t even bat an eye as they knew those talented folks from sunny Sarasota and HR Hero would help save the day as always!

With another villain down, our HR Hero is truly on a roll. Could the town finally be at a point of everlasting peace and prosperity?

HR Hero delivers some words of wisdom as the citizens of Recruitment Bay gather around, “Remember that aligning with a company’s values is not only essential for their success, but to yours as well!” As HR Hero delivers one last sentence, we see a shadowy figure in the distance letting out a cackling taunt. “You forgot about me, HR Hero!” As our hero squints to see the commanding character approaching, his apprehensions are confirmed. “DR. PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE…?!” He says with jaw-dropping astonishment “It can’t be. I thought you disappeared…”

Could this be the one villain our HR Hero can’t beat? Only time will tell.

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