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No one likes a Vampire. They’re problematic and just plain creepy. And well, they suck. But the Time Vampire? He can cause the recruiters all sorts of issues. Time Vampire may look good on paper, but he’s actually a sub-par candidate, who doesn’t align with the company’s culture and has every intention of being your next disaster hire. Time Vampire has been plaguing the recruiters of Recruitment Bay by creating copies of himself all over the town! The vital time of recruiters are being wasted and the stress levels are off the chart. They can’t seem to even find the time to source good candidates because the Time Vampire is sucking up all the valuable time.

But low and behold the dynamic duo of HR Hero and his secret weapon, Rewired Solutions, have arrived on the scene to put an end to this treacherous villain. Our Hero, realizing he can’t do this job alone, always reaches for his “Hero Signal” in times like this and makes a call to sunny Sarasota, Florida. In comes Rewired Solutions who answers the call faster than a silver bullet to assist HR Hero with “Sourcing-as-a-Service.” What does it do? It’s the secret weapon of choice for Talent Acquisition teams. HR Hero attacks the dreaded Time Vampire with a pipeline of qualified candidates who have been successfully sourced and qualified with Rewired Solutions. The great recruiters of Recruitment Bay are now utilizing their time wisely and onboarding candidates who are actually worth their time and are a wonderful fit for their businesses. There’s so much productivity going that there’s no more time for the Time Vampire to suck up!

The Time Vampire cannot possibly counter this, he doesn’t even know what an AI is! “Where are these candidates from?” he gasps as he feverishly looks for someone’s time to waste. He and his band of dreaded copies are left hanging their head in shame as they wither away. HR Hero saves the day! Our hero can assure you that Rewired Solutions product will not only improve the methods of recruiting but also save you countless hours and stress from the turmoil of processing applicants who are only out to waste your time. As long as Rewired’s tools are in your arsenal, the Time Vampire will never stand a chance!

Rewired Solutions. Hire heroes, not villains.

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