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After a long and hard-fought battle against the treacherous Time Villain, our beloved HR Hero returns to his top-secret lair for a well-deserved rest. But the fun never stops with our Hero as he feverishly works with Rewired to develop new volume-hiring and sourcing solutions to keep the businesses of Recruitment Bay scaling with plenty of qualified candidates.

As our HR Hero is in the middle of his research, he sees a blinding light in the night sky. A spotlight emits a signal which is none other than the Rewired Solutions logo. What could this mean? Well, it’s the “HR Signal” of course, because what is a Caped-Crusader without his own Call-To-Action?! HR Hero dons his best Cape, his most comfortable pants, and even makes sure to brush his teeth! Away he goes to answer the call at the top of the tallest skyscraper in Recruitment Bay.

Rewired Solutions’ trusty ally Ronny Recruiter has traveled all the way from Sarasota, FL, to deliver some pretty unsatisfying news to our Hero: “Bernie Burnout is back!” Ronny announces. “And he’s about to release his debilitating Burnout Toxin into the air of Recruitment Bay…!” HR Hero realizes the magnitude of this rather unfortunate situation. Bernie Burnout and his bag of tricks represent everything that management or a business is hoping to avoid. By inhaling the Burnout Toxin, the once dedicated and productive employees of Recruitment Bay become overwhelmed with stress, fatigue, and emotional exhaustion; and suddenly have absolutely no desire to return back to their once beloved positions.

In the distance, Bernie Burnout proclaims “WAIT TIL YOUR QUALIFIED CANDIDATES GET A LOAD OF ME!” and lets out a maniacal laugh. A disaster is in the pipeline, and if the Burnout Toxin does its job, there may be a double whammy with multiple vacancies and no candidates to fill them!

Burnout can be a real curse, and sometimes a deciding factor whether a candidate will return to work. But no challenge is left unconquered by HR Hero. Once again partnering with Rewired Solutions, it is time to team up and save the beloved workforce of Recruitment Bay, USA!

The toxin is certainly in the air, but it doesn’t seem to faze our Hero. He signals over to Rewired, and in a single instant, a powerful counter cure has been released into the tainted sky! But what exactly could this cure be?! In Rewired Solutions’ vernacular it’s called “Burnout Be-Gone” and it helps businesses avoid disaster hires just like the ones Bernie Burnout is trying to create all over town! However, Bernie Burnout is unaware of just one small thing: the qualified candidates are actually immune to the Burnout Toxin! How could this be? Simple, with Rewired’s groundbreaking AI, these Heroes were efficiently sourced with all the core values and skills shared amongst the businesses they worked for before they even had their first day! Rewired tells HR Hero “Burnout-Be-Gone isn’t a cure, it’s insurance!” Burnout was never an issue with these great workers and HR Hero rejoices!

The bothersome Bernie Burnout is left dumbfounded “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!” he shouts in defeat. “Why aren’t these people quitting their jobs?” He runs away with his tail between his legs. “That’s two villains down!” HR Hero says with a smile. With another superhero triumph, HR Hero saves the town yet again from an almost certain economic doom! But Rewired Solutions, as modest and behind-the-scenes as always, returns to sunny Sarasota and gives all the credit to HR Hero. He once again assures that Rewired Solutions truly is a product changing the world of recruiting.

With the town at peace once again, HR Hero gathers round the citizens in the towns square and delivers an important message: “No employee ever wants to feel like they’re experiencing burnout. This is why it is so important that all candidates match the company’s values and truly love what they do,” HR Hero boldly states. With one last message HR Hero says “Love your job, but not so much to where you never leave the office, because that’s just concerning!” The citizens of Recruitment Bay let out a laugh and a rowdy round of applause! HR Hero flies into the sky to return back to his lair waiting for the moment the Hero signal calls him to action once again!

What would the town do without HR Hero, because like we at Rewired always say, you can’t spell Hero without HR!

Rewired Solutions. Hire heroes, not villains.

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