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We last left Rewired Solutions and HR Hero in the heart of Recruitment Bay, our hero being celebrated for his triumph over The Malevolent Miss Align. All is finally well and at peace on the Recruitment front with our HR Hero just about to return home when suddenly, the unthinkable happened.

In the distance, yet another villain from The Turnover Squad appears – one who HR Hero had believed to have disappeared for good – the infamous Dr. Passive Aggressive! The last confrontation wasn’t final after all. “You just wait until you see all the issues we’ll dance around this time, HR Hero!” threatens the villain. “The only thing you have a doctorate in is creating Risk and Liability!” HR Hero boldly states. The citizens of Recruitment Bay immediately take shelter from the impending doom that may be bestowed upon their fair city.

What is the real threat of passive aggressiveness in the workplace and the company as a whole? Passive aggressive colleagues tend to shy away from what is actually bothering them by displaying annoyed and sometimes hostile behavior. They also fail to address their issues directly with management and colleagues, keeping their emotions bottled up to the point where they could do something everyone will regret. Learning how to deal with passive aggressive employees is key from a managerial standpoint, so that a safe working environment is displayed all year round. But for HR Hero, passive aggression might just affect the entire town, not just one business!

As we turn back to Recruitment Bay, we find Dr. Passive Aggressive and HR Hero in a nail-biting standoff. As HR Hero approaches the villain, Dr. Passive Aggressive raises his hand to emit a blinding ray of light and snaps his fingers. In a split second, all of the residents, employees, and businesses in Recruitment Bay begin to exhibit passive aggressive qualities. Some become pouty, some hostile with indirect insults or stubbornly refusing to even engage in conversation; and yet others are even walking out of their office. Recruitment Bay could be on the brink of ruin…

“NOT SO FAST,” says a faint voice from the sky. “Did you really think you’d deliver the final blow? You can’t even finish a sentence!” HR Hero has been joined by Quinn the Qualifier, Ronny Recruiter, and the host of heroes sourced for Recruitment Bay by Rewired Solutions. There may be hope after all!

Dr. Passive Aggressive still seems unfazed by this. He arrogantly states, “I knew your band of Heroes would try to come to save the day yet again, but I have a plan! Kind of…” The diabolical doctor raises his second hand and shouts, “THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY YOU’LL BE IMMUNE TO THIS POWER! I HAVE THE POWER OF THE ENTIRE TURNOVER SQUAD IN MY VERY HAND!”

In the midst of all the turmoil that is happening around Recruitment Bay, HR Hero and his team stand perfectly still. “Are you not going to do anything?!” questions the puzzled Doctor. “Well then, say goodbye to your city!” The doctor snaps his fingers but is shocked to find that nothing is happening. “WHAT?!”, cries the doctor. He snaps his fingers again. Dr. Passive Aggressive is appalled to find his master plan hasn’t worked. “HOW DO YOU KEEP WINNING…?” the doctor wails in shock and defeat. “WHY CAN’T WE HAVE A CHANCE FOR A CHANGE? Not that we’d do anything with it, but…”, Dr. Passive Aggressive crumbles to the ground only to be met by HR Hero and his band of heroes.

“Simple,” proclaims the team in a chorus “NONE OF YOU ARE QUALIFIED!” And in that very instant, Dr. Passive Aggressive disintegrates into a stack of poorly written resumes, which flame up and billow into a smoke trail of indecision and inaction, whisking away into the air, never to be seen again!

The town of Recruitment Bay, USA has finally rid itself of that evil Turnover Squad. “I told you it was personal”, HR Hero shouts to the sky. “You can’t break what we’ve built and proven together!”

The workforce of Recruitment Bay no longer exhibits any of the passive-aggressive tendencies they were displaying moments ago. They don’t even know what happened and many even deny it altogether (see the danger of the evil Dr at work!), but HR Hero will keep that to himself. As the energy around Recruitment Bay returns normal, HR Hero finally catches his breath and realizes peace will be brought to his faithful city once again. As he walks to thank Rewired Solutions and their band of heroes for all they have done, he is stopped by Ronny Recruiter. “This is all you, HR Hero”, says Ronny, “Remember, we are just here to support!”

Rewired Solutions, humble as ever, ventures off back to sunny Sarasota, FL to continue its mission to improve the world of HR and recruiting. HR Hero signals to them with a proper salute. As HR Hero prepares to leave, a resident of Recruitment Bay stops him. “What will you do now HR Hero?”, asks the local, “When things get personal, you’ll know where to find me!”, HR Hero replies with a smile as he flies off into the sky.

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