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So we are all aware on how to apply for a job, right? We touch up our resume, scale the internet for openings and submit an application, hoping for a phone call. Occasionally we are lucky enough to acquire an interview with a chance to prove the potential employer why we can become an asset. Now, this particular method is what we might call the traditional way of presenting our qualifications, or work history right?  Well, many people seem to forget that this isn’t the only method one could use to display themselves in a professional sense. Interestingly enough, a strong social media presence is just as vital as the experience you possess.

At work today I was presented with some pretty interesting figures from two Harris Poll articles, both of which were conducted by CareerBuilder. Back in 2015, CareerBuilder initiated a survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals which concluded that more than “52% of employers” used social networking sites to research potential job candidates (2015). Now let’s think about that figure for a second, more than HALF of these people used the very platforms that we log into every day. Viewing something like this also makes you wonder if the content we provide on these platforms is beneficial to our professional careers.

The value of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Twitter is an ability to convey our professional image. In that very same Harris Poll, 42% of employers “liked the idea of being able to validate a candidate via social media” but this isn’t just validated on viewing qualifications. The great thing about social media is it also gives us a platform to illustrate our personality, which can be vital when a potential recruiter not only wants to match skills, but also the shared values of their organization which can deem the candidate as a cultural fit. Sites like LinkedIn are remarkably important to utilize in the job world because it is tailored directly to the business community with its sole intent on making connections and displaying your professional summary.

Now having an active social media presence can also present itself with essential guidelines to follow. For instance, a Harris Poll conducted this year with over 1,000 industry professionals indicated that “57% of them did not hire potential candidates due to inappropriate content viewed on social media” (2018). Now not everyone is guilty of posting offensive remarks, or photos on social media. Some are already performing exceptionally well in their careers with excellent job security. But just because you are safe at your job does not mean that the same employer may ignore the content you post. From the same 2018 Harris Poll, it was said that “48% of employers still research their staff’s social media accounts”, with 10% of those same employers executing this task daily (2018). Even though we are employed it still doesn’t give us the right to have a care-free attitude in the reigns of social media, we are still accountable as everyone else. So make sure you are careful!

In the time that has past between the 2015 and 2018 Harris Poll’s, we have seen a jump 52% of employers checking social media platforms, to 70%! So what does this all mean for us as business professionals? It means that social media sourcing will only increase as years go on! The desire to develop effective social media presences will serve as an awesome accessory to a resume or CV.

As time continues to move forward, it is evident that the digital age of recruiting will continue to flourish. The simple resume may not be cutting it anymore. So why not display what makes us unique and utilize those qualities on the very platforms we use to take full advantage of this low unemployment rate! So what are you waiting for? Polish up those profiles people!!


Written by: Austin Bartley


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