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Good ole ghosts, aren’t they kind of a pain? The term “ghosting “is a phrase used in the workforce where a total loss of communication occurs between two parties. On the candidate or employee side, it usually results in them either quitting or going AWOL. This seems to be a word labeled only to the candidates or employees. But what about recruiters? I think it may be time to focus on their aspect of ghosting. Could there be a justification on their end? Or is there another underlying reason that most recruiters don’t see?

I think it is safe to say that most of us know what it is like to be chosen for an interview, whether it be in person or phone. We get excited, we select our best outfit and arrive early. We knock the interview out of the park and barrel out of there with a multitude of confidence. But then the stress hits after we go day after day with no response from the recruiter. In the end, over two weeks have gone by where an email is finally received stating “We have decided to pursue other candidates.” So don’t you think there may have been a way to avoid the ghosting of a candidate? Recruitment ghosting can undoubtedly have its repercussion’s as it can not only anger the potential candidate but also have lasting effects on the recruiter’s reputation and – even worse – the Employer Brand in the marketplace.

Now I am not saying that all recruiters can be guilty of essentially “ghosting” candidates, but at the same time I feel that all recruiters should treat candidates with proper respect, empathy, and communications, regardless of how they performed in the hiring process. We can’t all have winners, but we can certainly share a common ground.

With that being said, we know the hiring process can be insanely stressful, which is why we have included some healthy tips that will not only assist your next hiring campaign but also help you avoid ghosting any candidates along the way!


  1. Research, research, and more research. This will only save time in making an educated decision to bring in the right candidate for an interview.
  2. Get familiar with your organization’s culture.
  3. Look to social media, get a feel for how these people are in their daily lives.
  4. Open up more! Don’t just ask the standardized questions.
  5. Perhaps ask a candidate more personal questions to see if he or she aligns with your organization’s values!
  6. Use different communication methods. Instead of standard phone call, why not send a text?
  7. Send a message via social media.
  8. Ensure them that you will be in contact with them. (This will ease away some of the pressure that you might get from the candidate!)
  9. Always follow up, even if the interview may not have been what you were hoping for. It is common courtesy!
  10. Most importantly, DO NOT GHOST! The right candidate will come, but remember that all candidates deserve respect and meaningful communications so that they may continue on their search.  


Written by: Austin Bartley 

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