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So at this point of the series, you should more than likely know a little bit about ghosting and how it is never the right route to take. As an employee, it can affect your reputation, reference list, and even your relationship with your company and all who inhabit it. Not to mention the recruitment side of ghosting where reputation and professionalism are also on the line. But there is one more situational occurrence of ghosting that I still would like to share with you, the candidate!

So what is a qualified candidate? They are candidates who exceed the minimum eligibility and qualifications of the position which has been set by the company. At this point, it is up to the recruiter to contact these candidates in the quickest, most efficient way possible and set up an interview. If all goes according to the plan, the recruiter will have a candidate who is determined to perform well, share the values of the company, and stay on for the long term. The problem is that in the world of HR and recruitment, we are faced with the lowest unemployment rate in decades, around 3.7% and dropping! If we consider that, we can conclude that a candidate-driven market is happening all around us, leading candidates to ghost recruiters left and right for that next opportunity!

You should know by now that ghosting IS never okay, no matter what your role is in a company. As a candidate, we can understand that opportunities are all around us since there are more jobs than people, but regardless of the situation, you must always exude professionalism.

An interview can be an exciting thing for any candidate. You may hit it out of the park, so much that the recruiter will want you to start as soon as convenient for you. But what if another company interviews you around the same time with a better offer? Chances are you will go with the better option, but remember to let the first recruiter know of your decision. We understand it may be difficult and perhaps even a waste of time on your part to have this conversation so we have included a list of tips that will hopefully change your mind and prepare you when the moment comes!


  1. Don’t let the nerves get the best of you. A simple 30-second phone call is all you need!  
  2. Treat the recruiter with respect and professionalism, just as they would with you!
  3. Still show up for an interview even if another interview has gone very well. This will only help you in attaining professional traits such as accountability.
  4. Take the high road! Tell the recruiter that a better candidate might suit them. The recruiter will admire honesty.
  5. Keeping a relationship with the recruiter is vital! If the job you chose ends up being a nightmare, you at least have a contact for a plan B.
  6. Develop a list of Pros and Cons. Is this job the best option for you?
  7. Even if you have ghosted a recruiter, it is never too late to send an email apologizing for your actions. No one is perfect, but you can do your best to make it right!
  8. Take pride in your reputation. There is no need to let a lack of communication affect that. 


Written By: Austin Bartley


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