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Here at Rewired Solutions, we have been able to create and secure a specific set of values and wonderful company culture. Coming to work is a joy knowing that everyone shares the same ideals as one another; it really does make for an excellent environment. Now there is one word in there that I mentioned that tends to be overlooked so much, especially in the world of recruitment. Can you guess what that is? If you said values, you are right, and yes the word being in the title may have been a dead giveaway. Everything from recruiting qualified candidates, to onboarding them is vital, but ensuring they fit in with your culture is paramount. With that being said, I would love to tell you some reasons why values matter in the workplace.

It all starts with Recruitment!

Yes, it really does! When the time comes for an organization to grow specific departments, we can only assume that there will be a list of skills and qualifications set which will deem the potential candidate a fit, but is that all? We have to look deeper into that skill-set. Are they adaptable, dependable, and resourceful? Candidates can have programming and creative software skills all day long, but if you were to spend countless amounts of company dollars onboarding them only to have them quit within a month because they didn’t match up with your culture what would that lead to? The answer is one costly mistake that now needs to be cleaned up, and the only way to do it is to start back at square one! Now, this may sound quite intense, but its something easily avoidable, all you need is a steady diet of research and an even better list of interview questions when the time comes to see if they will contribute to your organization's success!

Carrying Over to the Workplace

Working at a company is one thing, but working for a company where you WANT to work every day, now that is where it’s at! Being a new face in a setting of already established and bonded individuals can be something very intimidating; it may even make you a little anti-social. However, remember one thing, YOU are here because the values you possessed both on paper and in person matched that of the company. A company was willing to take a chance on you, and now it is time to prove your worth! If an organization has established a welcoming and collaborative company culture, it will only be a matter of time until you are molding well and creating excellent ideas together.

Creating, collaborating and implementation all have tremendous effects on morale, especially if you enjoy doing it. But what if you don’t, could there be something that could make work fun? Activities or perks as little as a company pizza party, a coffee bar or even weekly team lunch is enough to inspire and ensure your best performing candidate are retained and contribute day in and day out to your organization. An active workspace can never do any wrong. However, it is also something that can only go so far. As management or department heads, it is up to you to continuously nurture, and respect the very workers who contribute their skills to your company.

So Get to It!

Company culture can be something that is very challenging to create. Aside from all of the company lunches, bringing dogs to work, and parties you have to remember that the purpose is to create an environment where ideas and participation are greatly welcomed. Laying the foundation for an organization’s core values will not only develop into a collection of guidelines to which everyone in the company is measured, but will also lead to healthy retention and making work fun. Now who wouldn’t want that? 


Written By: Austin Bartley


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