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Ah, the world of recruitment. Isn't it such a hectic, exciting, and sometimes stressful world? All companies want to recruit the best as it only creates significant financial security and performance for the future. For instance, let's take a mock company like John. Q Software Inc. I mean, why wouldn't they want to source and onboard a bunch of superstars? Well, a hiring campaign comes with careful planning, creative marketing initiatives, and job advertisements that not only engage the candidate but make them feel like this job posting was meant to be.

At Rewired Solutions, we make it our mission to source the most qualified and efficient candidates to the largest companies in the world. But we do not stop there as we also thrive on being creative, cultivating only the most engaging ads for the right people. However, we are aware that the process does not simply begin and end with us. On the recruiter's side, there is an entirely different process, one that requires dedication, persistence, and a little bit of excitement! So how do we get to that point?

Well, we are so glad you asked, which is why we have created an informative list of tips and tricks which you can consult when it comes time to successfully onboard your next round of superstars!


1.    Research the in's and outs of your company, if you haven't done so already. Learn what sets out your brand out from the rest of the herd.

2.    Every minute counts. We are in a candidate-driven market, if the candidate is the right one for you, do not waste any time!

3.    Don't use the same formulaic "This is our company, and this is what you would do" lingo. This has all been done before, and it usually never ends well!

4.    Be the most excellent brand ambassador you can be! Remember you are representing this company and the potential candidate's first impression. Don't sound bland!

5.    Treat candidates the way your company treats its most exceptional employees. Remember these candidates are the most qualified, and they might perform as such. 

6.    Research the candidate and make sure to tailor your questions to their experience.

7.    Don't overcomplicate your process. Remember many candidates are active and some are passive, the chance they have other offers is possible!

8.    But most importantly, make sure always to follow up!

Now all of this information can be a lot to take in, especially when you may already have a lot on your recruitment plate. But we at Rewired Solutions believe that every qualified candidate we source is ready, willing and able to perform exceptionally at your organization by embodying the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make your organization what it is today.

So don't let them slip away!

Written By: Austin Bartley


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