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The country is certainly a crazy, hectic place these days. With all the news and events, whether it be negative or positive, it’s sometimes impossible to digest what is really going on in the world.

But in the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty, one positive figure crawls out of the endless bunch (DRUMROLL PLEASE!). We are looking at the United States’ lowest unemployment rate in 30 years, dropping to a whopping 3.8%! Yes, three decades of constant stress, turmoil, and – heck, even some economic growth! – have finally led us all to the possibility of being gainfully employed.  And unemployment is predicted to drop even further!

What is expected?

But what does this mean for recruiters? Well, it means a few things: for starters, there are more jobs than people, which leads recruiters to really try and pull a few tricks out of their hat. And if you thought the fun would stop there, you are wrong! Expectations for recruiters are skyrocketing, and the candidate demand is increasing, which makes sourcing the best talent with the overall fit quite challenging. Further exacerbating the search is the nightmare of having to do it all over again:  that dirty word “turnover.” 

Thinking outside the box!

So let’s go back to that magic word, “SOURCING”. How will you as a recruiter take advantage of this booming market? What kind of talent do you want to source? How many spots do you need to fill, and in what amount of time? Well here at Rewired Solutions, we take talent sourcing to a whole new level. Gone are the days of garden-variety recruiting techniques of posting a job and hoping someone applies, which is a sourcing process we describe in detail on our website. At Rewired we practice in the art of what already works. The “Hero Persona” is a data-driven methodology that models a company’s top performers and uses that data as a basis to hire more for.

To put it more simply, if a “big-box” retailer is looking to hire 30 additional district managers across the country for their growing business, why not source with what has already worked? By partnering with Rewired, the result is an extensive list of qualified candidates and individuals who are matched, and in tune with the company’s required skill-sets and corporate culture, and are ready to have a conversation about the opportunity. This greatly reduces the risk of that dreaded word turnover and keeps the recruiters just a little more stress-free! Who wouldn’t want that?

It is no question that this record low unemployment rate is somewhat of an issue, but when will companies break the mold of the dated, traditional methods? Will they think outside the box? Rewired Solutions is on the rising path of sourcing and creating the “Heroes” of tomorrow, with the focus and dedication of helping companies and recruiters to flourish and succeed in this competitive, and prosperous candidate-driven market. Source with what works, not with what “might” work!