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Welcome to the town of Recruitment Bay, USA. A town that was once full of excitement and opportunity has now come under the wrath from “The Turnover Squad” – an evil band of villains that you, unfortunately, know well, consisting of the infamous Bernie Burnout, the mischievous Miss Align, Dr. Passive-Aggressive, and the ever so treacherous Time Vampire! These villainous veterans are wreaking havoc and filling the recruiters of this poor community with disaster hires. Could there possibly be a Hero that could save the day?

WAIT A MINUTE. Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, no…Is it a plane? WRONG! IT’S HR HERO!!! Recruitment Bay’s favorite son and Superhero has come to the rescue.

HR Hero is here to save your business from disaster hires, but this time it’s personal and he’s bringing a secret weapon! What could that be? It’s Rewired Solutions, ladies and gentlemen – the high performance AI-driven sourcing platform that helps businesses and recruiters engage and qualify the best candidates to scale their workforce! (But Rewired can keep that on the low down, and let you take all the credit.) As a recruiter, you will become a Hero yourself as you deliver the best hires for your team. Because after all, just like HR Hero says, “You can’t spell Hero without HR!” But first, it’s time for HR Hero and Rewired Solutions to put their tools and tricks to the test and take on the treacherous Time Vampire in this week’s edition of The Adventures of HR Hero!!